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If you’ve lived in and around Pittsburgh for some time, you’ve probably noticed that it’s not the easiest city to hail a cab. Unlike other large cities, you cannot normally walk down the street and hail a cab at any hour of the day. Other than special circumstances – St Patrick’s Day for example (I enjoyed 2 different cabs rides on Saturday) – cabs are not usually readily available… but that might soon change.

City Cab is a new taxi cab service that will be servicing the downtown area and some surrounding neighborhoods. Pittsburghers have become used to walking great distances downtown or waiting around for a bus, but with the addition of 6 new cabs and 14 more by the end of the year, residents may have a new transportation option.

City Cab’s black and white cabs will be servicing downtown Pittsburgh, Oakland, the Strip District, the North Side, the South Side, Uptown, the West End and Mount Washington.

It should be noted that the port authority has recently cut back on bus routes around the city, so there very well might be a demand for people looking for rides to and from surrounding Pittsburgh neighborhoods.

One other important thing to note about the new Pittsburgh cab company, these cabs will not take you to the airport. The company is looking to serve people that are looking for short rides around the city. If you are looking for a longer commute or a trip to the airport, you will have to go the traditional route – call ahead, pick up a cab at a nearby hotel, or cross your fingers and hope to find a random cab.

If you have trouble finding a City Cab, you can also call for one at: 412-323-2489

Other Pittsburgh cab companies can be found below:
Pittsburgh Transportation Group – Includes Yellow Cab – (412) 321-8100
Classy Cab (412) 322-5080

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