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Patron Mexican Grill on UrbanspoonWe had a leftover gift certificate to the Patron Mexican Grill (locations in Monroeville, Wexford, and Blawnox), so we decided to get some Mexican food on Friday night.  We hit up the Monroeville location which is located in the building that used to house Chili’s right near the Monroeville Mall.

I’d heard a lot of great things about Patron in Wexford, so I was excited when the Monroeville location opened up a couple of years ago.  Tonight wasn’t my first visit, but I’ve probably only been there a few times, just because I hate driving into Monroeville and dealing with all of the mall traffic.

The place is setup exactly like a Chili’s, except it has been given a festive makeover.  All of the booths and walls are painted with bright colors and decorated with various Mexican themed decorations.  There is a bar if you just want to stop in for a drink, and there are several tvs in various parts of the restaurant in case you are there on game day.

We sat down and were served tortilla chips and salsa.  Nothing special, but also addicting as hell.  I love chips and salsa, so it’s hard to stop eating once you start.  However, I’m trying a low carb diet at the moment, so I tried to take it easy with the chips.  The salsa is pretty standard but still has a good flavor, but not overly spicy at all.

Side note: I’m following the “slow carb” diet from Tim Ferriss’ book, The Four Hour Body.  A very good read if you are looking to get in shape.

My girlfriend went with the raspberry margarita, but she was not a huge fan.  She loves the margaritas at Mad Mex, but didn’t like this one.  I love tequila but I’m not a big margaritas fan, so I didn’t have a taste of it to make an opinion.  Regardless, she didn’t finish it, so I guess it was nothing special.  (At least it looked pretty ==>)

As for the food, I went with the Arroz con Pollo (Spanish for chicken with rice).  Because of the above mentioned diet, I substituted beans for the rice.  It was also served with mixed vegetables topped in melted white cheese (broccoli, cauliflower, yellow peppers, and squash).  The chicken was served in strips and grilled.  Very tender and moist, with good flavor.  The beans were standard refried beans with some cheese on top.  The vegetables were very tasty and something that you can’t always find at other Mexican restaurants.  The meal cost $11.99.

Arroz con Pollo - hold the arroz

Jessie went with the Grand Burrito – a flour tortilla stuffed with beef, rice, beans, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, and pico de gallo – very similar to something you’d find at Chipotle.  The thing was huge and half of it came home with us, but she said that it was very good – and a good deal for only $8.99.

Overall, I like Patron’s.  I don’t love it, but if you are a fan of Mexican food, it’s definitely a good place for Mexican food in Pittsburgh and something you should give a shot.

If you’d like to visit the Patron Mexican Grill, they have three locations in the suburbs and surrounding areas of Pittsburgh.

Grand Burrito

245 Mall Boulevard
(412) 373-2555

11675 Perry Highway
(724) 935-3559

1141 Freeport Road
(412) 799-0900

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  1. Tyler says:

    I am originally from Texas and yes I consider myself a Mexican food snob. However, this is a good little place to eat mostly because the service is good and the prices are really nice. My girlfriends likes their Margarita’s but she like anything with alcohol in it. :) Overall not a bad place to get some quick mexican food.

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