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Tsuki Japanese on UrbanspoonI’m a big fan of sushi, but living in Penn Hills, my only option has pretty much been to drive somewhere else – either toward the city into Squirrel Hill or Shadyside or out to Saga in the Monroeville Mall.

The quality food options are slim enough as it is in Penn Hills, and when I saw that my favorite local Mexican place – Rey Azteca – was moving from Penn Hills to Monroeville last fall, I was even more depressed.

But I was soon happy to see a “coming soon” sign for a new Japanese restaurant, which would take over the old Rey Azteca location.

Speaking of the location… it’s kind of a bad location, so I don’t really blame the owners of Rey Azteca for moving. It sits near the 3 way intersection of Rodi Rd and Frankstown Rd, but the parking lot is set back in a way that it is kind of hard to see from the street. And don’t get me started on the parking lot. It’s like driving into a mine field after all of the mines have exploded. There are potholes big enough to swallow small cars. And to top it off, you are not allowed to make a left turn when you leave the lot, so I am forced to make an illegal turn every time I leave, risking my life as I try to eat my takeout food.

Naruto Roll

Yes.. takeout. I’ve never actually eaten inside the building formerly known as Rey Azteca, and now known as Tsuki. And by my several observations, not too many other people have either. The place is almost always empty when I have gone to pick up my order, whether it be Mexican or Japanese food. And I’m not knocking the place at all. It looks to be a converted Burger King, complete with still attached drive thru window. The interior is brightly colored from its days as a Mexican restaurant, and they’ve even added a small sushi bar in the one corner.

As for the food, I’ve only actually eaten there twice and both times I’ve had sushi. The sushi is really good from what I’ve had. I’ve tried the Naruto Roll – which is eel and crab meat wrapped in cucumber. It came with some sort of sauce on top. Very good. I’ve also tried the Dynamite Roll, which contained salmon, white tuna, avocado – all deep fried and topped with eel sauce, spicy sauce, and chopped crab meat. Both times I’ve eaten there, the sushi was excellent and the service was very quick and friendly.

If you are a fan of Japanese food, and especially sushi, and you are out near Penn Hills, give Tsuki a try. Unfortunately I don’t see the place lasting in its current location, so try it while it is still there!

11655 Frankstown Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15235

(412) 242-0188

UPDATE 5-25-12 – I’ve been to this place several times since I wrote the original article. They finally repaved the parking lot, so no more craters! I’ve also tried a bunch of the other rolls (the Tiger Roll tonight was awesome). Unfortunately the place is still always empty when I show up to pick up my order. I hope they survive, but it doesn’t look promising.

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  1. Kumase says:

    Tsuki Japanese Restaurant put soap detergent in my soup. They refused to refund my $11.72 then they called the Penn Hills police on me when i complained about it. After the cops came the one chef admitted how the detergent could have gotten into my soup dish, yet the woman still refused to refund my $$$. BLACK PEOPLE BEWSRE EATING AT THIS RESTARAUNT!!!

  2. Jenao says:

    This place is kind of blah as far as the quality of the fish is concerned. Their service, however, is the opposite of accommodating. I asked about whether or not there was octopus in several of the dishes because I was trying to avoid it. Instead they put octopus in the dish I ordered without telling me or asking if it was ok. They refused to replace it and seemed not to care at all about their business. I asked them to do whatever they thought was fair given the situation. They responded by complaining that they couldn’t do anything about the mistake because they had already cleaned up all the cooking and food prep equipment one full hour before closing time, and they weren’t able to make any adjustments to my $70 bill (for two people). If you want a great sushi experience, don’t go to a made over Mexican hacienda – style restaurant building where disgruntled people with marginal business communication skills serve you mediocre sushi according to their rules while ignoring your preferences and requests.

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