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Golden Goblet on UrbanspoonAlthough I’m not a religious person, the period of Lent always puts me in the mood for fish sandwiches just because my co-workers always end up having to go out and eat fish on Fridays.

And so it turned out this past Good Friday that a co-worker and I were looking for somewhere to eat, so I suggested the Golden Goblet.

The Goblet used to be a regular lunch spot several years ago. Over the years our lunch crew has dwindled, as more and more people bring food to work. Combined with the fact that a new Mexican and Japanese place have opened near our work, we hadn’t been to the Goblet for a couple of years.

Well I’d like to report that the place hasn’t changed a bit. The menu is still the same, with the main feature being their giant fish sandwiches – which exactly what we came to get.

In addition to their usual fish sandwiches, burgers, and hoagies, the place usually offers up a daily special. The special ranged from pot roast, to meat loaf, chicken entrees – pretty much whatever the chef decides to cook up that day. Since it was Good Friday, the special was the fish on a dish with a side of mac and cheese, and we both decided that that sounded perfect.

The fish is huge, as you can see in my picture. When ordering the sandwich, you are given the option of medium, large, or extra large. The piece of fish that came on the dish looked about the size of the XL sandwich.

The sandwich is normally served with a side of fries or onion rings. The place also has a really good hot cheese ball appetizer.

This particular meal came with a side of mac and cheese which was also very good – thick and creamy. The fish is lightly breaded and cooked dark. Although I’m not really a fish sandwich connoisseur and the location of the Goblet can’t really be considered Pittsburgh, I would say that the Golden Goblet has the best fish sandwich in the Pittsburgh area – ranking right up there with Wholey’s Fish Market.

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