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Agave Mexican Grille on UrbanspoonI tweeted today asking for suggestions on Mexican food places to eat since I’m a big fan of Mexican food.  Naturally this put me in the mood for Mexican, so I went out to lunch with a few coworkers to the only place that we have close to our work.  I work on the Plum / Murrysville border, so our main food options are on Golden Mile Hwy (Rt. 286).  There are actually several choices in Monroeville (El Campasino, Patron, and Mad Mex), but that can be a 30 minute round trip with traffic, so we usually stick around closer to work.

I’ve worked at this place for just about 7 years and I’ve always complained that there were no sushi or Mexican places near by.  Well within the last year both of my wishes have been granted with the opening of the Azan Wok and Agave Mexican Grille.

Agave finally took over the old Original Hot Dog Shop building, which sat empty for around 4 years.  I bet most of you didn’t even know there was another “O” besides the one in Oakland?  Well there was at one time.. at least for the first couple of years that I worked in the area.  But there are only so many times you can eat hot dogs and giant tray-sized orders of fries for lunch.  Not to mention that the place was way over priced – who charges for extra ketchup?   It finally shut down in 2007 and we sat and wondered and speculated what would take over the building for the next for years… (I was hoping for a Chipotle.)

Thankfully it was a Mexican joint, and a pretty good one at that.

The menu has all of the items that you would expect at a standard authentic-style Mexican restaurant: burritos, enchiladas, tacos, quesadillas, fajitas, as well as various combination of items which include sides of beans and rice.  The lunch menu is reasonably priced with all lunch specials around $7.  I’d say that it compares very similarly to El Campasino, Patron, or Rey Azteca.  Chips and salsa are also served when you sit down (I really like the salsa) and they also recently got their liquor license, so margaritas and various beers are available.

Besides the standard items, there are also various specialty chicken, beef, and seafood dishes.  I haven’t tried them all, but the one burrito that I always find myself going back to is the El Burro ChoCho.  The ChoCho is stuffed with chopped chicken and then topped with a sauce that seems to be a combination of white cheese sauce and fresh pico.  I highly recommend it.

Chili Colorado w Beans and Rice

Today I decide to try something different and I went with the Chili Colorado.  Now I’ve never had chili Colorado before so I have nothing to compare it to, but this was some good chili.  It was made with large chunks of beef, in a pretty spicy red sauce (I still have heartburn).  It’s served on a plate with beans and rice, though it might have been better served in a bowl with a spoon.  Either way, the taste was great.

So although it’s not in the heart of Pittsburgh, if you are ever out in the eastern suburbs and looking for a place to eat some good Mexican food, check out the Agave Mexican Grille.

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(724) 327-2888
1813 Golden Mile Highway
Plum, PA 15239

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